Posted by: hikingfool | June 23, 2014

O10E Number 4: Self-Awareness

Wilderness Wisdom

11-01-03/29In this next installment of the “Other 10 Essentials” (O10E) let’s change directions a bit. The first three essentials dealt with becoming more mentally focused and in tune with the environment in which the outdoor adventurer moves;

• Awareness
• Mindfulness
• Connectedness

These elements coalesce into an amalgam that might be categorized as one’s state of mind. The next three essentials focus on the outdoor adventurer’s state of being. These essentials are not as esoteric as the first three, but they are important to consider as one enters into the very real and physical requirements that accompany outdoor activity.


Take stock of your physical condition and perhaps what boundaries exist for your stamina, outdoor abilities, and adventure skill level. This applies to the new hiker or the experienced mountaineer. Self-awareness demands an objective evaluation of what you can and cannot do.

It is fool hardy and…

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